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The Corner Shop, is where it all began back in the late 1980s...selling Fizzy Kola Lollies, Klipso bars, Fizzle Sticks and crisps like Chickatees amongst many more old favourites!

Years later, we often found ourselves having chats with our friends and colleagues about 'the old sweets' we used to have a sneaky nibble on when the teacher wasn't looking!  For a long time most people thought the sweets and crisps of our childhood had vanished off the face of the Earth! Whether you grew up in Ireland or if you spent a summer holiday here as a child, you're sure to remember the taste of a Big Time bar or a packet of Wheelies!

Having done a LOT of research we discovered that most were still being made, but, weren't as easily available anymore....  We had an idea, let's set up an Irish Corner Shop online where everyone could relive their childhood as if they were actually in that Corner Shop we all used to call into on the way home from School. PennyJellies was born!

We decided to call the shop PennyJellies as thats what we really remembered so well, opening that paper bag to find an array of goodies like Cola Bottles, Fried Eggs, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads and Golf Balls, to name but a few.  As we all know, the "Penny" has disappeared from the Irish currency, but, we think that's what they'll always be affectionately be known as...

We decided to even stock Tea Bags, Cakes and Biscuits for the huge Irish community abroad that miss an auld Club Milk with their cuppa.  We stock a large range of old fashioned sweets from Ireland and the UK. We also specialise in sourcing unusual retro sweets and rare Irish sweets that cannot be found in most online and offline shops.

We hope you enjoy your trip down memory lane, picking out your old favourites, be it old fashioned sweets like Clove Rock or more 70s and 80s favourites like Wham Bars. We certainly love finding all these old time sweets and crisps for you.

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    New Ross,
    County Wexford,
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