I paid by card, how long will my order take to arrive?

Unless otherwise specified on our homepage, if the delivery address is in Ireland(Republic and Northern) it usually takes up to 3 working days(up to 4/5 working days during busy periods such as Christmas etc.) from receipt of the order. Please note that Working days do not include Saturday/Sunday/Bank Holidays.  If the delivery address is elsewhere, it may take longer, please check our Shipping Information page for further details.
We will inform you if there is going to be a delay(this is rare but can happen), so please add "info@pennyjellies.com" to your email contacts so any important messages we send you do not go into your Spam/Junk folders instead of your Inbox.
We will notify you by email once your order has been dispatched. We will provide you with a Track and Trace number so you will be able to see that your order is en route.
Should you require your order the next working day, please inform us at checkout, if we receive the order before 9.30am we will do our best to dispatch it that day, we will inform you if this is not possible.
If my delivery address is in U.S.A. why is it called "European Shipping" at checkout?
Don't worry, there hasn't been a mistake.  The shipping rate is the same for Western Europe and mainland U.S.A., this is why the shipping charge is named "European Shipping" but it does cover mainland U.S. delivery.
I want to order items (Sweets/Bags...).  It says "Quantity 1", does this mean just 1 sweet/bag??
At the top of each product category page we request that you "Click on the Item" for Full Details.  When you click on the image/item name, it will tell you the number of bags or weight/number of sweets per product.  Usually with bags, you select "Quantity 1" as you wish to purchase 100 bags, with sweets, it may be "Quantity 1" for 113g of that sweet.  It depends on the item, so please click for the details before you buy.


I don't have a credit/debit card.  Can I still buy stuff from PennyJellies?

Yes, that's no problem.  Please choose the appropriate option at the checkout stage.  The options available if you don't use a card are as follows:
Cash - only if collecting over-the-counter at 41 Irishtown, New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland for orders under €30.  For your own security, NEVER send cash by post.
Euro CurrencyCheque/Postal Order/Bank Draft crossed and made payable to "Penny Jellies" and posted to PennyJellies.com, c/o Furness Costcutter, 41 Irishtown, New Ross, County Wexford, Ireland.(We recommend you use a postal service with a track & trace facility, we cannot accept liability for items lost in the post.)   Your order will be dispatched once the payment has been cleared (3-5 working days for Irish Banks, up to 10 working days for UK banks and up to 21 working days for all other international banks).
Bank Transfer - email info@pennyjellies.com to request our bank details ie: IBAN/BIC codes etc.

Do you accept Laser Cards?

Yes, we accept Laser Card.


Do you take orders over the phone?

Yes, if you are experiencing problems using our website, you can contact us by telephone at +353 Monday - Thursday 9.30am - 5.00pm(GMT) & Friday 9.30am - 1.30pm(GMT) excluding Bank/Public Holidays.  We will need confirmation by email before we prepare your order and will send you a PayPal invoice, we never take Credit/Debit card details by telephone.
We do however recommend you place your order via the website. Orders placed through the website are processed faster as there is less administration involved. 
Do you sell Apple Jacks, Postman Pats, Smileys, Roy of the Rover bars, Desperate Dan bars, Fizzle Sticks, Peggy's Legs, 2+2 bars, Crunchos crisps, Woppa bars?
Fizzle Sticks, yes, we sell Mega Fizzle Sticks.  They are not the original Festoon Fizzle Sticks that were popular in the 1970s & 1980s - that company no longer operates.  They are about twice as chunky as the originals, infact, they are the exact same size and texture as Edinburgh Rock but the pastel coloured ones TASTE quiet similar(according to the majority of feedback) but don't feel the same.  They are still very popular.
Peggy's Legs, yes.
Apple Jacks, Postman Pats, Smileys, Roy of the Rover bars, Desperate Dan bars, Crunchos crisps, Woppa bars, unfortunately no - none of these are currently being manufactured.
If you are looking for a particular item, just type it into the search facility at the end of the page.  If it's in stock, that's the quickest way to find it.
There are loads of blogs, facebook pages etc. dedicated to getting the manufacturers to start making a lot of the old favouites.  If you google search them you're sure to come across one.  They might be worth joining as it worked for Cadbury's Wispa...

Do you ship to Australia/Europe/USA?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

How much does postage to Australia(or any other country outside of the island of Ireland) cost?

The cost of delivery varies, depending on factors such as weight and volumetric weight.  Once you have entered your delivery details at the checkout stage, you will be able to see what the delivery charge will be. Please refer to our "Shipping" page for details of the rates for international delivery.
We make absolutely NO PROFIT from postage costs.  They are calculated using the carriers rates.  Sometimes the postage is expensive and we'd love to be able to ship items internationally for much less but as yet we haven't found a cheap carrier that is reliable and offers a track and trace facility.

Can I use my own courier instead?

Should you wish to use your own courier, that is no problem at all.  Just tick the collection option so you won't be charged for postage and your courier can collect over-the-counter at 41 Irishtown, NEW ROSS, County Wexford, Ireland.

You used to sell Caffrey's Whippers/Winners/Giggle/Honeybee bars. Have you stopped selling them altogether?

Yes, due to negative customer feedback, we've stopped selling them.   We contacted Caffrey's about this problem but didn't get a solution so decided against stocking them again. 


I'm in Wexford.


Do you have a walk-in shop?

PennyJellies is an online shop only.  There is however, a collection point available at Furness Costcutter, 41 Irishtown, NEW ROSS, County Wexford. 
You can order your goods online and to avoid paying the €5.45 delivery charge, you can collect your order over-the-counter at Furness Costcutter, 41 Irishtown, NEW ROSS, County Wexford.

We'll just send you an email, or text if you prefer, letting you know when your goods are ready for collection.  Please allow 1-2 working days for your order to be ready for collection.
Please note, orders placed over the weekend/bank holiday between 1.30pm(GMT) Friday & 9.30am(GMT) Monday will not be prepared over the weekend/bank/public holiday, they will be prepared at the beginning of the PennyJellies working week(Monday - Thursday9.30am - 5.30pmGMT & Friday 9.30am-1.30pmGMT. excl. Bank/Public Holidays).

How many sweets are in a "quarter"?

An imperial quarter pound was the traditional way of weighing sweets.  Nowadays we use the metric system of grams and kilograms.  A 1/4lb is approx 113g.
Sweets come in all different shapes and sizes, so while about 150 Flogs might weigh 1/4lb, only about 12 White Chocolate Fish 'n' Chips will weigh the same as they are bigger and heavier.  Usually a small paper sweet shop bag filled 2/3s is about a quarter but it varies....
I'm organising a party/wedding.  I plan on having a sweet/candy table.  What quantity of sweets would I need for 10/100/300 people?...and how much will it cost?
This is a very difficult question for us to answer.  Although we do sell sweets in bulk, we haven't conducted thorough research into the amount of sweets the average person may consume at a wedding/party.   We leave these kind of calculations to the experts, ie: caterers/party planners/hotel managers. We really do not wish to misinform you and leave you disappointed because you bought too much or too little.
Remember a few things to factor in;
Older children will probably consume more sweets than adults and younger children.
People may not want to eat too many sweets after a large meal. 
You may wish to provide party bags for people to take sweets home with them.
As for the cost, you will need to tell us the quantity of sweets you require and we can inform you then.  If you are buying in bulk, you may like to have a look at our Bulk section for an idea of prices, size of full retail boxes/bags and tubs.
We're sorry we haven't answered your question, but we hope we've given you some idea of where to find the answer...


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